Ariel bungalow faces Nautilus, the lagoon pool at Villa Shantitara. It is next to the Zen garden with access to the tree house. This bungalow is very spacious and has a library, cable TV, DVD player, air con, hot water, WiFi and a high ceiling. The open air bathroom has a bathtub and shower. Across the pool, there is a shared kitchen with another two bungalows. Behind the king size bed there is a space for an extra single bed with two wardrobes. Next to the bungalow, you can enjoy a massage at our private spa table.

The drawing on the wall above the bed is of Ariel from her memoir, “An Abbreviated Life” – the book was partially written here. This is a very calming environment with the sound of the water from the fish pond; an ideal place to enjoy meditation and yoga.

When enjoying Ariel bungalow, you’ll have access to Nautilus, and also the relaxing tree house above the fish pond and the massage bed next to the pool. Feel free to dine at the table in the bale with a BBQ or to cook your own meals in the shared kitchen.

Ariel Bungalow Gallery

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